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We have come a long way from buying skin care products at ‘face value’, now consumers are reading the labels, scrutinizing the ingredients and thinking about how the products were tested, and how it can benefit you and the environment.

A few years ago I embarked on a journey of discovery and research that filled me with wonder and jubilation and ultimately the creation of this range, SASSUI – spirit & skin care.

The name “SASSUI” stems partly from my family’s nickname for me and partly from an Indian legend about an abandoned princess who turned into a symbol of beauty & hope.

The essence of the name ‘SASSUI’, and more importantly, the products themselves are about getting back to basics, simplifying life, using only what is beneficial without wasting or causing harm.

In essence:

  • SASSUI ingredients are conscientiously sourced and selected
  • The recipes are stringently researched, tried and tested - on human bunnies only
  • The entire SASSUI range is plant-based, meaning it is 100% vegetarian and environmentally friendly
  • SASSUI uses carefully-blended Essential Oils selected for their incredible skin enhancing properties and the therapeutic effects of various scents. SASSUI spirit & skin care is not only good for you, helping you to look beautiful and also feel beautiful
  • The packaging is designed to give you all the information needed, without the excessive use of materials
  • SASSUI containers are recyclable, re-usable and/or returnable

Handmade with Love

This truly natural skincare range is all handmade in Plettenberg Bay, with great care and in small individual batches. Ingredients are sourced as locally as possible, in some cases straight out of my garden.

Handmade with Love for You and our Earth too.






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